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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 11, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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this moment. we have a map that we can show you of where this is happening in the mission area. of alicea and cesar chavez. at st. luke's hospital where we are focusing right now. this is all of soviet and the pats last half an hour or so pure it will continue to follow this. as we have a crew headed to the sink. as soon as we learn more, we will bring it to you. >> grant: will learn or love to have any pictures you may have. so that we may post them >> pam: now police are trying to piece together what happened. it started just before 10 this morning on 29th street and mcbryde avenue in richmond.
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>> pam:that's where kron 4's scott rates is live tonight with details.scott? >> reporter: well, tim this is very dangerous neighborhood. with children on the sidewalk and people out walking their dogs. this was early in the morning. this scene is clear out here. you can see one of the cars left over from this accident, right there. you could see the threat and smashed interest if you roll video because the suspect car taken away. putting back-that's been put on the back of that to a truck. >> reporter: kron4 haazig madyun with on the scene right after in happened and he shows us step-by-step. >> reporter:you are looking at what's driver lost
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control , apparently at a high rate of speed trying to getaway from morning here on 29th street in richmond >>"yes you can see on the sidewalk the suspect vehicle, the roof had to be cut open just to extract the suspect" >> reporter:before coming to a stop the driver crashed into 9 different vehicles. a woman was driving this car when the suspect smashed into it. a witness who asked not to reveal her identity describes what she saw >>"he was doing 80 to 100 miles per hour, he hit the car on the other side of the road which is andrade, then hit the dip, flew up over from going so fast, hit into the two vehicles and just landed like that" >> reporter:this is cellphone video of the driver being taken away by paramedics, miraculously he servived this horrific scene. investigators say this all began around 9:30am in the city of san pablo when san pablo police tried to execute a traffic stop >>"the suspect didn't want
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to stop and took off, the chase was cancelled and the suspect continued at a high rate of speed" >> reporter:in addition to injuring himself during the crash, the woman driving the bmw was also hospitalized when the suspect smashed into her car. however the people in this neighborhood are relieved. with so many because of the holidaythis could have been a lot richmond haaziq madyun kron4news >> pam: >> reporter: i can tell you that we do know the suspect remains and the hospital tonight in critical condition. as for the lawn; and the bmw was smaller injuries. on new at 6:00 i spoke with the neighbors and we talk about the area and look more and to house them public police talk about canceling the chase in not pursuing the vehicle at the time of the crash. more and
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richmond, scott rates, kron4 news. >> pam:also in the east bay. >> pam:an increasingly dangerous stretch of bay area interstate. is the site of another shooting. grant lodes is here with the disturbing link between last night's shooting. and another one last week. grant. >> grant:chp investigators say they think the two shootings could be related. this was the scene overnight in pinole. >> grant:a guy driving a car was shot and killed. a woman in the car was also hit.but is expected to survive. >> grant:the chp says a person in people that were in an audi. >> grant:this was easbound 80 near pinole valley road.around 11:00 last night. >> grant:now investigators are examining evidence that could connect that shooting to this one last monday afternoon.
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that one was on westbound 80 near san pablo dam road. >> grant:in that incident.someone in wheel of a hyundai. times.hospitalized for major injuries. >> grant:in both cases.the victims appear to be targeted, investigators don't think they're random shooting. the chp wants to hear from witnesses in both cases. >> grant:pam? >> pam:police arrest a man who attempted to break into a san jose home. and refused officer orders. officers found 36-year-old shannon nathan wong. armed at the front door. >> pam:the incident happened around one-in the afternoon. on the place. >> pam:police told him to retreat... but the suspect lifted his assault rifle in the direction of officers. >> pam:one officer fired... but inside the home. wong eventually gave himself up... and was booked into the santa clara county jail. >> pam:a man is behind bars for the suspected killing of
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an ice cream vendor on october 3rd in oakland. police arrested twenty- three- year- old joevan lopez. tuesday at around 5- p-m. >> pam:lopez is suspected of fatally shooting 45-year- old jasvir singh. he is being held at santa rita jail... and is scheduled for arrignment thursday morning. >> pam:prosecutors are still deciding whether they will file charges.
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>> pam:the campaign to re- locate the raiders and chargers to los angeles picked up some traction today. >> pam:as the ceo of one of the nation's largest corporations has signed on to the carson project. >> pam:it's the latest development in a story that's been unfolding for months. >> pam:mark carpenter joins us more with details >> pam:mark? >> reporter:former 49er executive carmen policy has long been part of the push to bring the nfl to l-a. >> reporter:and this morning-- his committee added disney ceo bob iger. >> reporter:if the league approves a move, he would be the man in charge of building a stadium to hold both franchises. >> reporter:
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>> reporter:the addition of iger comes the same day as groups from oakland, san diego and st. louis are at an nfl owners meeting in new york. >> reporter:making presentations to keep their respective teams in their current cities. in order to prevent the raiders from leaving it would take a new stadium that's estimated to cost more than 900-million dollars. >> reporter:in a statement released a short time ago-- mayor libby schaaf said today's discussion with the nfl was a plan that's fiscally responsible to the city of oakland and it's taxpayers. >> reporter:the city is still paying off a bond used to pay for improvements to the coliseum, but now, schaaf says the city is working to retire that bond. >> reporter:in a recent exclusive interview with kron4-- she said she wants to keep the raiders in oakland, but it needs to be under the right circumstances. "i am born and raised in this city. i grew up with this team. i believe that
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the raiders belong in oakland and that oakland belongs to the raiders. but i've also been very clear that the city of oakland can simply not afford to directly subsidize stadium construction and since i have been in office, those messages have been clear and consistent." >> reporter:as for the l-a proposal-- if approved, iger would oversee the construction of a 65,000- seat stadium that's projected to cost about 1.7- billion dolalrs. >> reporter:in order to get the green light, the plan needs to be signed off on by three-fourths of the nfl's 32-owners. >> reporter:a vote is expected to take place in january, however, the league has set up a meeting in early december that could move up that deadline. >> reporter:it's quite possible-- l-a will go from having zero to three nfl teams. >> reporter:as rams owner stan kroenke is advocating for another stadium to be built in inglewood. >> reporter:we'll continue to provide updates on this story as they become available. >> reporter:mark carpenter, kron4 news.
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a moving tribute at the tomb of the unknowns as the nation pauses to honor the brave veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. >> pam:97 years ago war one ended. in the 50's it became veterans day, which commemorates all members of the u-s military. >> pam:catherine heenan is here now how the nation paid tribute to our vets.catherine? >> catherine:there are more than 19-million living u.s. veterans.and this is the day americans give thanks >> catherine:to each and every one of them. one of the traditions in the nation's capital -- the president helps to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. >> catherine:president obama also talked about his administration's efforts to make thingsveterans.saying the department of veterans' affairs is getting a bigger budget. >> catherine:and he's asking the nation to keep veterans in their thoughts.long 'after' the annual holiday. >> catherine:he says they need jobs.
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>> catherine:the president says the country is making progress on problems like veteran homelessness and a backlog of disability claims. but he admits there are still problems - after the 2014 scandal involving long wait times and lack of access to healthcare at veterans' facilities. >> pam:there were also a number of tributes honoring veterans around the bay area today. >> pam:in the east bay, some children passed on sleeping- in. to get up early to honor vets. >> pam:as kron four's terisa estacio reports, the kids she spoke with said, it was all worth it. >> reporter:on this beautiful fall day - this large group gathered to honor fallen soliders as well as those still with us. >> i served.
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>> reporter:each year, here at the veterans memorial in marin, vets and others participate in this ceremeony. sot/tc: 23 chuck viebreck >> reporter:and each year, vets and others say they appreciate the opportunity to take a moment and remember their service and reflect. >>sot/tc: 37 laura rogers/daughter clark wold/vet it is good that we can remember warmly now. >> reporter:for this group - comign here was a family affair, these kid- siblings and cousins atteneded the ceremony with their grandparents. >> pam: a legendary stripper. and a san francisco icon. carol doda has died. more than 50 years ago, she helped introduce topless entertainment at the condor club. that was back in 1964. and those performances changed all the other nightspots along the busy broadway corridor. >> pam: an illuminated sign on the club in doda's likeness, later became a
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>> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> pam: out of san francisco. and the top of the news at 5:00, said this is the police are on the
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scene of a reported shooting. grant has been gathering additional information angeles us now with no details. grant? >> grant: the person on this construction elevator at st. louis hospital. you conceits what team member's closing in on the individual near the top of this five story building. in the mission. flossie's cesar chavez. -- along, cesar chavez. >> grant: are going to look at the live shots now at the corner of the building. where the emergency vehicle of that corner is where that construction elevator was. the individual who died, near the top floor of that elevator. his body has been brought down to the first
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floor. as crews worked to figure out what happened. >> grant: initially, coming in at 4:00 this afternoon with a gunshot wound. the gun shots reported as 4:00 and unclear if the person who died took his own life it is unclear if there was an exchange with police or anyone else. we also, not know the identity of this individual. we did call the building company our era builders. they are referring to sutter hill's. which is a sutter health affiliates. the hospital is not yet counting. this building is under construction and will have about 80 hospitals in it. we need to get more hospital beds in that part of the city.
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>> grant: right now that part of the city has been shut down as they continue to investigate this situation occurs we will continue to follow the breaking news with updates. you can check that are twitter account or at >> pam: if you've been waiting for the arrival of the impact from el nino. wait no longer because it is already here. >> pam:that's right. even a crisp, sunny day like this that attracted people to vasona park in los gatos. is partly the work of el nino, which could bring above average precipitation to california this winter as well. so says golden gate weather service meteorologist jan null. who explains that the early storms that brought rain to the bay area earlier this week and snow to the sierra. are partly the work of el nino. >> it definitely is a lot
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colder than normal. i have a couple of layers on with a couple of sweaters. and a ball cap. >> i am wearing extra layers and gloves in my pocket. >> i have my fleas on and long john, plus my hat. >> i am really cold right now i have what appears of leggings. >> actually, did you call fast. --it did get cold fast. >> have on a leather jacket, a parka and a scarf. >> i have 13 layers with my shirt, my sweater and a windbreaker. >> reporter: this is far
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from over. because, as cold as it was this morning when the sun go down in the cold again. do not put away your gloves in your hat. >> reporter: enough of these things away. will trained, kron 4 news. --will tran >> diane: >> diane: >> diane: >> diane: frost advisories again. many in the north bay. clear skies for the rest of the evening. but certainly do not let that fool you. it will be in effect for early morning. and and another round of chilly temperatures again across the map. >> diane: 59 degrees for concord, 664 richmond and the satellite radar image you see the monster out of the area and bring and a
5:21 pm
front--cool front to give west cliff chilly temperatures once again. 43 degree mark for antioch. this is the overnight lows at 5:00 a.m., with frost advisory. >> diane: again, it is for the interior of the north bay. in vallejo. since gm will be chilly with to the terms and the '40's for the coast activities for the bay. --and 50's for the bay >> diane: afternoon highs at 3:00 p.m., 55 for concord, low 60s the mid-60s east bay shore lines. . well we do have danced f o jean in place. the next three days
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will be chilly as well. >> diane: will talk more about the storm system that is on its way. up next! >> pam:roughly 13-point-5 million people watched the fourth republican presidential debate last night. making it easily the most- watched program in the history of the fox business network. >> pam:catherine heenan is here with what some of the candidates thought about it. >> pam:and what they are doing today. >> catherine:well regardless of what anyone else might think -- the candidates are sounding pleased. last night's debate traded fireworks for a more sedate discussion of economic issues. >> catherine:there were very few personal attacks. on this day after. >> catherine:trump, bush, rubio and most of the other candidates are campaigning in iowa, new hampshire
5:23 pm
and south carolina -- all states with early contests. >> catherine:this is marco rubio in iowa today. political analysts are talking about jeb bush - who sounded feistier in the debate. >> catherine:and he agrees he did a better job. >> we need to be talking about who is the best person to beat hell clinton bridge as a small people in each campaign. >> it was not about the moderator it was about the cabinet. the hope this has set a new standard. -- it was about the candidate >> catherine:some argue the candidates are only happy because there weren't many hardball, potentially embarrassing questions. >> catherine:there was a lot of whining about tough questions in the recent cnbc debate. this is bush in iowa today.where he got word that former senator and presidential >> catherine:nominee bob
5:24 pm
dole is endorsing him. >> pam: if you have ever cracked the screen on your phone you will love this. the maker of this smart=phone >> catherine: shatterproof. gabe slate next!
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>> pam: the maker of the smart phone,the motorola droid turbo- two, says. it is the world's first device. with a shatter= proof and crack proof screen. >> pam:as we all know. screens can easily crack so, that is a bold promise. >> pam:our tech reporter gabe slate put it to the test. i'm really impressed. this has survived over a dozen drops. no crack or shatter on the screen. so far it's holding up. >> reporter:so i wanted to take it to the pros see what they thought about this phone. >> reporter:this is squaretrade a gadget warranty company based online. they do thourough testing of all phones that hit the market. >> reporter:this is drop bot a phone dropping robot he dropped the phone from 6 feet about 10 times.
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>>nats car >> reporter:then they drove over it with a car that typically cracks most smartphone displays >>we dropped the droid turbo 10 times no crack, no shatter, by comparison we dropped the iphone 6s once and it cracked on the first drop. now the turbo did not hold up as good in bendability tests and water resistance so you might want to still consider a warranty like we offer starting at $5 a month. http:/ >> reporter:so my final thought. it's shatter proof. keep in mind it's not scratch proof or scratches during the day of testing. and if you hit it with a hammer or threw it down on pavement as hard as you could. it would shatter or crack. >> reporter:so if you're clumsy or worried about your teens having expensive phones this could be a phone worth taking a look at. now for more info and a closer look at the tech behind this 5 layer super durable screen
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>> reporter: is we are here on the corner of cesar chavez and valencia st. at the st. luke's hospital run for a club with at the shoer been reported. the sec francisco police department sent out correspondence to kron 4 that police are surrounding the entire area. you can pay attention is taking place in the expansion site next door to the st. luke hospital on cesar chavez st. the swat
5:33 pm
team came out. to respond to this. >> reporter: you can imagine, this would get a lot of attention. an act of shooting reporting accurate according to san francisco police, that the shooter has been neutralized. from what we can gather that means the shooter is dead. reporting live in san francisco, kron 4 news. >> pam: clinique making slow website is not up to date. as a result, it is causing vigilante justice against the offender. live at the state building with more. dan?
5:34 pm
>> reporter: until the megan's law is up-to-date in should be taken down. these two registered sex offenders file suit against the state and the attorney general. that we are not following the lot and regards to the vacant lot. --megans law >> reporter: says, since 2010 the registry has included the dates of when they were convicted and released from prison. which is 90 percent of the profiles let this information. >> looks like it was--it looks like this crime was committed three weeks ago. however, it was possibly committed in the seventies which will make this very
5:35 pm
dangerous. >> reporter: lack of this information are accurate information has caused vigilante attacks against sex offenders to rid including the to filing the suit. >> recently we had an individual shot twice when answered the door because of the registry. >> reporter: we did reach out to the state and general up--attorney-general office but no response until this information is updated it should be taken down. we will come back at 6:00 with the alternative viewpoint. kron 4 news, dan kerman >> pam: two 12 year-old boys
5:36 pm
hit by an alleged drunk driver while on their way to school, are still recovering tonight. >> pam: the driver. 30- year old kirsten andereck. has pleaded 'not guilty' to four child endangerment. >> pam: and as kron 4's alecia reid explains. the families of both children, now have lawyers. >> did intersection was a trap. --the >> reporter:bay street's repaving started on mondayless than a week after the near fatal accident at bay and buchannan streets. >>sot - we know that the city was on notice for that intersection. two years later these boys are hit. that never would've happened if sfmta had put the plan into place 2 years ago. >> reporter:sfmta agrees the plan was passed in 2011 and has been rep tells me this is a mutiple agency effort to go from 4 lanes to two, add bike lanes, angled
5:37 pm
parking, and lower speed limits. the project is on track to be completed by the end of the year. >> reporter:but the families' lawyers are saying this may be too little too late. the 12 year old boys have been transferred to east bay hospitals still in bad shape. >>sot - julian melendes has cracked skulwin has blood on the brain.scary for his family >> reporter:since today's arraingment, andereck who entered a plea of not guilty now wears an ankle monitor, and has been ordered to not drive during this case. police still reid, kron4 news --- alecia reid
5:38 pm
>> pam: the families have not yet decided if they're filing a civil suit. >> pam: andereck is due back in court on january 20th for her dui case. >> pam: cold temperatures this morning. are we in store for more diane? return to index >> diane: in the north that with the upper to mid '30's. then i santa rosa and napa, 324 vallejo. --32 >> diane: we are still dealing with chilly conditions for your overnight hours. east bay shoreline 664 richmond and 59 for hayward with a san francisco currently at 56 degrees. it will be chilly
5:39 pm
tonight, and the overnight hours headed into tomorrow with a frost advisory. >> diane: temperatures for sixties for the coast, 58 for the inland valleys locations. will have more for the 7 day forecast coming up and just a few minutes! i actually don't. >> pam: will be
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>> pam: investigators use d- n-a to catch criminals. now doggy d-n-a is being used to track down people who do not scoop. after their dog poops! >> pam: grant is back with the story every dog owner should know. >> grant:this apartment complex outside denver says it is pet friendly. and when you move in. your dog is cotton swab test. and the dna is entered into a database. >>"its kind of like a running joke with the family now. your dog poops a hundred dollar bill." >> grant:the policy doesnt come as a surprise for this resident. it was on his lease he signed about a year ago. but >>"im not disputing they made this up. i think they found some dna, but its nearly impossible to get every grass is so long and you have a small dog." >>"had a young girl that lives across from me shes stressed out every time she picks her dog mess up shes got a flashlight and im coming out with a brighter flashlight to help pick it up." >> grant:if they find pet-
5:44 pm
waste. and it matches your dogs dna. youre on the hook for a hundred dollar fine. >>"i think theyve taken it too think its a good idea i think its a great idea too but i think theyve taken it too far." >> grant:the apartment complex told lovers. and want to keep the property as clean as who didnt want to be identified. agrees. >>"i think the policy is actually great. it keeps it clean and holds people its difficult having a dog 36.35 so after you are fined your lesson and pick it up after.
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on a full charge and a full tank of gas. woah! how's that for not getting stuck? >> grant: and we are on the scene. and man is dead right now. and the mission district. on caesars chavez and valencia. >> grant: selecting members and police was tried to reach this individual creek it is unclear as if he--it is unclear if he took his own life? no word on who
5:48 pm
this individual is. we will have a live report coming up tonight at kron 4 news at 6. >> pam:shia lebeouf pulling another viral stunt. and he is inviting the public to join him. >> pam:. the insider's debbie matenopoulos and keltie knight have more on this story. >> reporter: inside, shia was tired. it like he was glad to fall asleep. he did not speak with anyone. this is not a band meet and greet. he was quiet. this is art. -- this is not a fan meet and greet.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: 2016 made a spectacle before the stars of cabaret. >> reporter: if you cannot make it to new york to join him. you can join him watching his films. >> reporter: is what we do know. he is allowed to take a bathroom break between each movie critic him is eating more than popcorn. this morning, he purchased everyone domino's pizza. and he also was seen drinking a giant cup of coffee. he has another day to go to watch all of his movies. >> pam:there is more rain in the bay area forecast. diane has details. return to index of >> diane: we are all one had
5:50 pm
time with the storm hitting our way. it will not last too long but it will give as showers that we definitely need. >> diane: it will be a chilly evening with the cold temperatures returning yet again for the overnight hours. six >> diane: 5 degrees out in richmond, 68 for oakland. tonight, dropping into the '40's and low 50s by 10:00 p.m. with the chilly night leading into tomorrow morning. the dense f o g will relent and the ellen valley location. --will roll in to the imland valley location. >> diane: satellite radar
5:51 pm
image showing clear skies for right now. here is what we are keeping an eye on creek storms bringing a lot of cloud coverage and to our area. with a chance of rain showers that i was talking about on sunday. it should happen late saturday night into sunday and clear on monday. or later next week. >> diane: here is your 7 day forecast, would chilly nights ahead of us for more nights as well. --from early mornings as well. >> diane: lotus the highs here for standalone '60s to the mid '60s toward which is about average to where we should be on this type of year. >> diane: monday we will keep our daytime high, up or
5:52 pm
down what is average this time of year. for the most time-chest for the most part clear skies and rain showers spirit that will all clear up. >> stanley: coming up! people behaving badly... next after the break.
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>> pam:now at 6. >> pam:we start with breaking news. >> pam:a shooting near saint luke's hospital. in san francisco's mission district prompts a lockdown. >> pam:a swat team was called to the area. and police have shutdown streets nearby. good evening everyone. i'm pam moore. >> pam:kron four's jeff bush is on the scene. he brings us the latest. jeff?
6:00 pm
>> reporter: you can see the police moving in on the suspect. about a second, the bone--boom! boom! that is >> reporter: when the suspect is not moved beyond capacity or debt. --dead >> reporter: of this started arrau 4:00 this afternoon. adjacent to the luke hospital on cesar chavez st. it has been closed down as the police investigate as to what actually started this police shooting. the suspect was an act of shooting situation is what was stated. >> reporter:jeff bush reporting live, kron 4 news
6:01 pm
>> pam:are the raiders getting closer to leaving oakland? >> pam:the move to bring the raiders and san diego chargers to l-a gained a lot of steam today as the ceo of one of the nation's largest corporations has signed on to the carson project. >> pam:kron four's mark carpenter joins us now with more. >> reporter:the movement to bring the nfl back to southern california is becoming more of a reality. as disney ceo bob iger has joined the carson committee. >> reporter:if the league approves a in charge of building a stadium for both the chargers and raiders. >>mark davis-raiders owner- "i want them to meet you the most passionate loyal fan base in the world the raider nation." (cheers & applause) >> reporter:and despite a rallying cry from owner mark davis-- raider nation may be moving its headquarters to los angeles very soon. >> reporter:with the addition of bob iger, the carson project re-upped its push to the nfl to build a 1.7-billion dollar home for the raiders and chargers in southern california. >> reporter:a move that comes on the same day as
6:02 pm
officials from oakland, san diego, and st. louis were at an nfl owners meeting.making presentations to keep their respective teams in their current cities. >> reporter:to prevent the riaders from leaving-- it would take a new stadium estimated to cost more than 900-million dollars. >> reporter:in a statement released today-- mayor libby schaaf said the discussion with the nfl was positive.and her focus contiunes to be formulating a plan that's fiscally responsible to the city of oakland and its taxpayers. >> reporter:in a recent exclusive with kron4-- she said she wants to keep the raiders in oakland, but it needs to be under the right circumstances. >>schaaf--interview "i am born and raised in this city. i grew up with this team. i believe that the raiders belong in oakland and that oakland belongs to the raiders. but i've also been very clear that the city of oakland can simply not afford to directly subsidize stadium construction and since i have been in office, those messages have been clear and consistent."
6:03 pm
another important from development from today is that schaaf says the city is still paying off a bond used to pay for improvements to options are being explored to retire that bond. >> reporter:the ideal situation would be sector. >>"we just do not extra money and that is not something we believe that there is public support for. we also don't is the bay area. we have other projects to look to that have demonstrated that these facilities can be >> reporter:in addition to the carson kroenke is still pursuing a deal for a stadium in inglewood. in order for any move to get the green light-- it needs to be approved by three- fourths of the nfl's 32- owners. >> reporter:a vote is expected to take the league has set up a meeting in early december deadline. >> reporter:mark carpenter, kron4 news. >> grant: a long and tumultuous history that
6:04 pm
dates back to the 1960's. >> grant:in 1960, the newly formed american football league awards a franchise to oakland. the city has no owner's group and no place for a team to play. >> grant:but the owner of the chargers, then playing in los angeles, threatened to cancel his franchise unless a second team was added on the west coast. only it didn't start as the oakland raiders. >> grant:for its first three weeks the team is the "senors" with what could one of the weirdest logos in sports history. the oakland part came even later. >> grant:their first game was at kezar stadium in san francisco after a second money=losing season at candlestick the owners declared they would quote "play in oakland or quit." >> grant:a budget stadium. frank youell field. hosted its first game in 1962. three years later, the raiders had a real home at the oakland coliseum stadium. they also had a new owner, former coach al davis. >> grant:flash forward to
6:05 pm
the 1980s, davis takes the team south to los angeles after oakland officials refuse his demand to add luxury boxes. >> grant:davis is not any happier with the team's new home at the l=a coliseum, and fan attendance is disappointing. >> grant:he scouts out other southland locations and even accepts a 10=million dollar good faith deposit from irwindale. and then keeps the money when the deal falls through. >> grant:in early 1991, davis announces the raiders will return to oakland. then changes his mind. it takes four more years for the silver and black to make it back to their birthplace. >>chanting >> grant: to hell davis died in 2011. >> grant: gary will be up with his take on this whole situation. pam? >> pam:while it has yet to
6:06 pm
live up to expectations of a wet, stormy winter. the weather influencing phenomenon known as el nino is already here. >> pam:and as kron four's rob having an impact whether we realize it or not. >> reporter:you wouldn't know it judging from the crisp, sunny weather on this nino is already playing a role in our daily weather, rain or shine. so says meteorologist jan null. -- jan null/golden gate weather service >> some days of the more of the influence others less than an influence. and we will not be able to say that is because of el nino. >> reporter:and the surprisingly strong storms that brought heavy rain to the bay area earlier this week and snow to the sierra, where the ski season is off to it's earliest start in years? that too, says null, is partly the work of el nino. >>--jan null/golden gate
6:07 pm
weather service the most beneficial thing that has been going on is a colder air mass moving on the stake or over the state. >> reporter:null says historical records show there is no guarantee strong el nino patterns like this one, essentially a warming that influence weather patterns around the world, will mean more of the same but he says it's getting stronger every day and that we should be prepared. >> reporter: >> the stronger it is the greater the odds of one above rainfall year four california increase. everything is filtering and the right direction. >> reporter:perhaps the most important thing to remember about el nino, says null, is that even if california recieves above average precipitation this winter, considering the rainfall deficit going back four years, it is unlikely to end the drought. in los gatos rob fladeboe kron 4 news . >> pam: on our website. we
6:08 pm
have a special section dedicated to el nino. it has the latest forecasts.also the dire warnings from politicians about the dangers associated with el nino. >> pam: we also have links to all the stories we've covered this week on how the bay area is preparing. that's all at kron 4 dot com. >> pam: the cold weather is making its way into the bay area. it's the sun that's keeping us warm. >> pam: kron four's diane tuazon. joins us now with a look at the cold temperatures headed our way. >> pam: we have a cold front coming and began chilly temperatures. we do have clear skies. 57 degrees for the bay with a chilly night anddense affeldt chief for the inland valley locations. -- and dense fog for the
6:09 pm
inland valley locations. >> pam: >> diane: the next few days, it will be 52 degrees for the inland valley, 53 for the bay and 52 for the coast. temperatures will be in the mid-60s for the valley and los '60s for the east bay shoreline. a 64 degrees possibly. >> diane: never rain shower system on its way into what explain more about that up next! >> pam:for up-to-the minute weather your neighborhood. be sure to download the kron 4 mobile app. your number one source for news at weather in the bay area. >> pam:man killed, woman injured in california freeway shooting >> pam:
6:10 pm
>> reporter: school is out. at this time and take a look at what is left of this card it was a dangerous situation. a complete main gold mask that car was. because, of the travelling so fast. the driver crashed into at least eight different cars going 80 to 100 mi. per hour. try to get away from the police. the san paolo police said it started when a officer attempted to pull over this vehicle. the driver did not stopped and took off toward richmond. san paolo police
6:11 pm
as they did not pursue the driver as this point because it was only a traffic stop and it would be a half mile and hour later that he would crash into all of those vehicles. >> reporter: and one was hurt and taken to hospital and so was a suspect-- a woman was hurt and taken to the hospital and so was the suspect. >> the crash hat and i did see something once in that act with everything be all klay?--ok? >> he started freaking out about the cops. >> reporter: pretty dramatic scene out here. the woman is
6:12 pm
doing much better. as for the suspect, he still remains in critical condition >> reporter: scott rates, kron 4 news. >> pam: say a man was killed and a woman was injured after a freeway shooting that shuttered the highway for more than six hours. >> pam: the san francisco chronicle reports wednesday that the shooting occurred about 11 p.m. tuesday on the east side of interstate 80 just west pinole valley road in pinole. >> pam: the first officers on the scene found an audi with two victims - a man who was driving and a female passenger - both suffering from gunshot wounds. they were both taken to a nearby hospital. >> pam: the man died from his injuries. >> pam: the woman is expected to survive. >> pam: their names were not released. investigators do not believe the shooting was random and that the two victims were targeted from another moving vehicle, the newspaper reported. >> pam: two registered sex offenders state claiming they became targets of vigilantees because the state has failed for follow the law when it comes to updating the megans law website. kron 4's dan kerman
6:13 pm
joins us live from the state building in san francisco with more. >> it has been nine years and the intervention is still has yet to be posted. >> reporter: this has led people to believe the sex offender down the street at a recent offensive which they not be the case. that she said has led to vigilante attacks. >> we've had people in scenarios where they have lived in the community in their homes and people have looked over the registry and come over to their homes and shot them. >> reporter: victims' rights advocate says he does not buy the argument of lack of information is leading to a text.
6:14 pm
--attacks >> number is significant lead sold in sufficient that it leads to a limited amount of support. >> reporter: no word yet from the attorneys general office. >> pam: veteran's day celebration all across the nation he, including here in the bay area. and a deadly car crash least people dead. coming up
6:15 pm
6:16 pm
6:17 pm
>> pam:in san leandro. a car, witnesses say was going almost one-hundred miles per hour, crashes into a home. pinning the homeowner under >> pam:the incident happened monday. >> pam:police say the victim has been identified as 25- year-old andrea yee. >> reporter: broken back and other internal injuries. >> pam:kron four's maureen kelly has the latest on this story. >> reporter:officers are still looking into what the
6:18 pm
cause of this collision is. there may be more than speed. >> reporter:right now police say the driver could facecharges of reckless driving with great bodily harm charges. >> reporter:that crash put andrea yee in the hospital in critical condition.killed two of her puppies.and injured the two people in the car that was hit first. >> reporter:but.the could face more serious charges. >>wheter or not alcohol or drugs played a factor in this case. >> reporter:san leandro police lieut robert mcmanus says they still need to wrap up the investigation into the crash.but for now the driver is cooperating. >>we did release him.he talked to us.still trying to >> reporter:it could be 2-3 weeks before the blood tests come back. >> reporter:today two of the victim's relatives met with a contractor at the house. >> reporter:it's been yellow tagged because of structual damage which means on top of everything else.they can't live there. >> reporter:they didn't want to talk on camera. >> is terrible for her and
6:19 pm
it is terrible for her family. >> people need to be more responsible. >> reporter:people who live nearby say it's a sad situation. >>friends of the victim say she was recently engaged to be married.her engagement party was scheduled to be held her at the home this weekend.which has now been postponed. >> reporter:maureen kelly kron4 news
6:20 pm
>> pam: it's a day to to honor the more than living 19-million u-s veterans. and fallen soldiers. that risked their lives for our safety. >> pam: veterans day. is held on the world war one. >> pam: today. celebrations across the u-s took place to honor our vets. >> pam: at arlington national cemetery this morning. president obama laid the traditional wreath at the tomb of the unknown solider. >> reporter:here in the north bay today honor those who served our country. >> pam: as kron four's terisa estacio shows us, for some it was a family affair as hundreds showed up at the marin veterans memorial. >> reporter:on this beautiful fall day - this large group gathered to honor fallen soliders as well as those still with us. >> i served. >> reporter:each year, here at the veterans memorial in marin, vets and others participate in this ceremeony. >> reporter:and each year,
6:21 pm
vets and others say they appreciate the opportunity to take a moment and remember their service and reflect. >> laura rogers/daughter clark wold/vet it is good that we can remember warmly now. >> reporter:for this group - comign here was a family affair, these kid- siblings and cousins atteneded the ceremony with their grandparents. >> pam: a restaurant owner in redwood city decided he veterans in out area. grant lodos joins us now with the story. >> grant:the owner of "squeeze in". every year. offers meals to vets on veterans day for *free . he says its just one way to thank them for their service. >> grant:as of three this afternoon. the owner says around 75 veterans came in to enjoy the meal. some vets that dropped into the restaurant today. say it wasn't about the free meal but something more. >> grant:last year the restaurant. served around 5- thousand this year they hope to beat that number. pam? >> i am going to do my best
6:22 pm
to beat it, the numbers from last year. >>nine people were killed when >> diane: we are expected to have another cold night with chilly temperatures back into the 30's which is why we have another frost advisory from tonight and into tomorrow. temperatures in the mid-50s in antioch and plaza tam with concord it with 53. --pleasanton >> diane: 47 degrees for the
6:23 pm
coast and 53 for the inland valley locations what else all g. and frost all across the north bay and ellen valley locations. noontime, mostly sunny skies and 60 for the coast with 61 for the bay and and when valley locations. >> diane: was all of this makes it way down to our region and will give another chance of cooling showers print--once all of this makes its way down to our region. >> diane: so, the futurecast will give you an idea of how cold it will be. 30 degree temperatures and two 40
6:24 pm
spirit with transition at 9:00 a.m.. with the '50s they're putting us all across the matt and locations. --new locations. --map >> diane: we are pretty much staying in the '50s. with cooler temperatures for tomorrow. cooler than average for where we should be this time of year. with your overnight lows being chilly and having that frost advisory of fact this tomorrow. >> diane: 65 for the bay side cities. clear skies up until saturday and then sunday, cloudy conditions giving us a chance of rain. for 50 degree temperatures that will stay pretty much
6:25 pm
until tuesday and wednesday. >> pam: and national news. nine people were killed a business jet crashed into a northeast ohio apartment building tuesday. catherine heenan is here with the latest on the investigation. >> catherine: we know that two pilots and seven passengers died when the plane clipped utility wires. and then hit a 4-unit apartment building in akron. >> catherine: this was the scene yesterday. as the fire which was sparked destroyed the building. >> catherine: nobody was home at any of the apartments - and there were no other injuries. the 7 passengers were all from a florida real estate company called "pebb enterprises." >> catherine: as bad as this looks -- police say the position of disaster contained. >> catherine: yes >>, you have the one house involved but you also have then baked meant right behind the house. right
6:26 pm
behind that and bake matt area. --enbachment area. >> as to the lens will check flight plans and did some calling and put together to and two that it was her. >> catherine:a view of that neighborhood today shows there's not much left of the house which was hit by the plane. >> catherine:investigators have found the cockpit voice recorder.and are also looking at surveillance video. it's not clear yet what went wrong. >> catherine:the crash happened only 2 miles away from the small airport where the plane was going to land. >> catherine:a home exploded in morning.killing one person and injuring 14 others, two of them critically. one of the seriously injured is an 11-year-old boy.
6:27 pm
>> catherine:tonight - a person initially unaccounted for has been found. it's believed the blast was caused by a gas leak -- but that's still under investigation. >> catherine:the explosion leveled a two-family duplex and damaged at least two other homes. police say all three homes were recent construction. the blast blew out the windows of homes as far as two blocks away. >> catherine: pam? >> catherine: >> pam:chipotle , e coli concernes up next!
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
find out if you could get help paying for health insurance with just your age, income, zip code, and the number of people in your household. information you probably know off the top of your head. enroll by december 15th to be covered by january 1st. >> pam:chipotle restaurants in washington state and oregon have begun reopening wednesday, after the company shut down 43 locations outbreak.
6:30 pm
>> pam: 45 people and hospitalized dozens. >> pam:an investigation didn't find the cause of the outbreak, but health officials said it could reopen the restaurants if they met certain safety conditions, including a thorough cleaning and replacement of all fresh food. >> pam:chipotle says it tested the food prior to restocking and no e.coli was found.s >> pam: will the raiders stay in oakland? questions are raised. >> pam: making a place for winter fun right here in the east bay. more news still hit in the next half hour of kron4 news essex. --at 6 >> diane: i will explain your 7 day for tests coming up next!
6:31 pm
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>> pam: and our top story tonight, police track down an act of schubert at the st. louis--low-cost bill and the mission district. grant you have more! >> grant: yes, the chief says three officers shot at the suspect, and the guy pulled out a rifle near st. luke. the mail brought a
6:34 pm
sporting goods store in san bruno using a hand good. he then stole a rifle and ammunition. >> grant: the suspect was and that a large construction elevator at one point. police, eventually reach the man getting him down. the whole thing happened s st. luke this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. >> grant: the officer shooting and killing him. the first 911 call came in at 4:00. a bunch of people heard gunshots. >> grant: it is unclear when the roads and crime tape will be open. we do have a live report to mike coming
6:35 pm
up at 8:00. we are always updating this and other broken news at >> reporter: investigators say the driver took off after a routine traffic stop. the police canceled the chase and eventually ventured into this richmond neighborhood. there were several accidents injuring a woman. all non life- threatening injuries. >> reporter: this could have ended much worse because there were children and adults out this morning. the lament that was hard and the vehicle, was treated and released from the hospital tonight. right now, police
6:36 pm
are still investigating this major investigation that has been handed off to d d face office. --dea >> reporter: this comes as and ask el leaders are meeting to discuss leaving the coliseum and oakland. the team will remain in the east bank credit and oakland, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> reporter: the veterans are pairing up with pat spirit--pets. from past that date rescue from towns with individuals who are suffering from p t s d. --
6:37 pm
from pets that are rescued from the pound. up next i will talk with an individual who adopted two cats to help and with his pt acidy. -- ptsd >> catherine: that sank storms--that same storm system has brought thunderstorms. nebraska and kansas is two of them derrick the storm is expected to affect 36,000 people.
6:38 pm
>> catherine: it looks like deep winter in some places.including here in denver. some parts of colorado got up to a foot of snow. >> catherine: but that same storm system has also brought thunderstorms into iowa and missouri.and some twisters have been spotted. >>in fact tornado watches were in place today in 4 states - including nebraska and kansas. >> catherine: the storm is expected to affect more than 36 million people from colorado and ohio - and from texas north through michigan. >> catherine: driving has been tough.and power lines have been coming down. >> catherine: the wild weather has been moving eastward tonight. >> diane: the next few days 32 degrees and jumping up a tad bit to 35. pretty much until friday was the cloud rolling and and conditions of rainshowers. and should
6:39 pm
only last about one day creek and cleared out by monday and tuesday with an average seasonal temperatures. >> pam: new at 6. >> pam: skaters were lacing up their blades. to hit the ice today in walnut creek. for the eleventh year. walnut creek downtown. along with the chamber of commerce has put up the ice rink which always opens on veterans day. >> pam: the sponsers claim there are special advantages to park. >> pam: veterans families were given special discounts to honor veterans day. the rink will remain open until january eighteenth. >> pam: a change is coming to the popular tv show. dancing with the stars. that tops the headlines in our daily wrap. for
6:40 pm
(ingrid) i take pride in getting things done.
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6:43 pm
>> reporter: unfortunately is the end of the road for 10 more trucks than on dancing with the stars. due to blood clots and is currently in the hospital recuperating for it to my we wish you a speedy recovery. _ tamar braxton >>we broken-- we broke the internet >> reporter:jada pinkett smith has new tv pilot that
6:44 pm
was just picked up called murdertwon--murdertown >> pam:for the latest celebrity news. you can catch every weekday at o'clock. here on kron 4.
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the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. >> gary:good evening! >> gary: franchise-tying best start of all time in
6:48 pm
memphis. . right now. . >> gary:kevin durant suffered yet another injury an mri today that confirmed he has a strained left hamstring durant >> gary:injured himself in oklahoma city's victory over washington last night he landed awkwardly on his left foot on a hard drive to the basket >> gary:durant will be re- evaulated in 7-10 days he is averaging 28.1 ppg and 7.3 rpg this season >> gary:not since jason kidd was a cal basketball had this much anticipation. >> gary:6-10 freshman ivan rabb. and 6-7 freshman jaylen brown. wth both get their first real action when the bears open friday at home against rice.
6:49 pm
>> we are learning from the older guys on what to do. >> as long as the guys understand what and means because they have a penalty to them. --humilty >> gary: you listen to the first unstuck and they sound like it or 30 years old. -- you listen to the first guys taught. and they sound like they are 30 years old.
6:50 pm
>> gary:brown. is considered one of the top 5 freshman in the country. cal hasn't signed an out-of-state rectruit abdur-rahim. who played at the same high school in atlanta. >> gary:rabb from oakland's bishop o'dowd high school has been players inhis age group since the 8th grade. despite the hype. both seem to be keeping things in >> gary:persepective. >> gary:disney ceo bog iger is on board to help raiders get a stadium in carson iger has agreed to lead the effort to build a stadium for the raiders and chargers in the los angeles area if the nfl owners approve the teams' move >> gary:if approved, iger would hire the executive responsible for overseeing the day-to-day functioning of the $1.7 billion stadium the city of oakland also made their presentation to the nfl in an effort to keep the raiders in the bay area >> pam:not fair that he's helping them! >> gary: i'm trying to bring
6:51 pm
into something happy! >> pam: i'm sorry. >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: who is he married ... or was bob iger married too? >> pam: willow >> pam: (laughter) >> gary:charles woodson and marcel reece might be headed to hawaii in a couple of monthsnfl announced top pro bowl vote-getters by position today both lead their respective position groups
6:52 pm
>> gary:woodson leads the nfl with five interceptions. has been to the pro bowl eight times >> gary:reece has three touchdowns this season and is a three-time pro bowler has been the raiders only representative the past two seasons . >> we always like to trend upward like the coach says. to improve. >> i have been here for ever. i am not going to get into any specifics. always been rumors, in my career and things like that. >> i really do not want to speak and to get accurate or become a distraction or anything. --i really do not want to feed into it or
6:53 pm
become a distraction. >> pam: we will be right back! (nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable.
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>> pam: before we go more on the weather? >> diane: mount in chile.
6:56 pm
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h hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity y away from my family, away from ÷ gwen.2q;de and you could get a bit lonely. >> all eyes on gavin overb?xj7"x rumors he cheated on gwen with >> why is her new man blake not getting any aáw8: >> considering my circumstances this year, i'm really not ñ i this viral live screen and why he's inviting the public to get mlbnrgc >> i couldn't believe how hard they worked. fashion show.
7:00 pm
>> my personal angel takes us behind the scenes of what it's really like to walk the runway.q what's your go-to sexy face?áq7÷ >> a duck face.ns. i do like vitamin o. >> ok:ñe:ñ >> now, hollywood from the inside out. it's "insider" together with sl.óñáqá$pá it again. remember his bag on his head are now he's watching all his movies back-to-back in new york city d&  manhattan checking this one out,ñ taking you guys inside. but let's dive right in to the ñ story that's blowing up.ut4o+dv& gavin rossdale re her into thuñjij(sp)q shelton.ll@x we spent time with gavin vi recently and he was very candidñ as his life with a rock 'n' rol mr. mom..5ñ ll eyes on gavin. 9+m/ got the beautiful wife, got the